Saturday, October 22, 2011

High availability of applications

High availability of applications

If you have a problem with the fact that failure of mission-critical applications threaten the business. If you require guaranteed availability of the application is appropriate to apply cluster solution.

Failure of a server power failure, natural disaster are a nightmare to run mission critical applications and high aveilebilyty systems. Malfunction of critical applications can directly affect the business. Every IT department backs up, but recovery is quite often a lengthy process which is necessary to ensure identical hardware, install a new operating system, application and restore data. This process can take several days in order for a mission-critical applications and systems HAM unthinkable. Therefore it is necessary to ensure the permanent operation of applications.

 For these reasons, as the most cost-effective solution appears utilizing the properties of virtual infrastructure. Virtual inrastruktura encapsulates the operating system and applications installed on it and separates it from the hardware. This is possible even for the full runtime to move virtual machines from one server to another. If a server fails, the virtual machines that were run on it are automatically started and on another production server.

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